Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Breathtaking Bali!

We just got back from a trip to Bali, Indonesia - a short 2.5 hour flight from Singapore. We wanted to stay away from major tourist areas, especially the ones filled with Aussie travelers, so we headed to the "Art Centre" of Bali called Ubud. Ubud Village is located on the hillside of Pengosekean Ubud and we stayed at the very lovely Ubud Village Resort & Spa.

Darin and I both agree that our room at this resort was by far the most spectacular, most spacious AND best value for money at any resort we've stayed in the world. Each room has a private plunge pool (left), two outdoor lounge gazebos, and outdoor shower and outdoor bath tub and is surrounded by lush foliage with a splendid view of rice paddies. We stayed in Villa Banjar Kanging #222 on the edge of the resort and it felt like we had the entire resort to ourselves.

The rest of the resort is very nice too - there is one restaurant that serves good food, a coffee shop that offers complimentary high tea in the afternoon and we indulged in a 3.5 hour spa treatment session (in our villa) including a facial, massage, body scrub and flower petal bath for only US$50 each! Pure bliss!

In Ubud we went to the Sacred Monkey Forest. This was what Darin has been waiting for for a long time - to see and feed monkeys. And there were thousands of them everywhere - they aren't scared of people at all but come right up to you and take bananas (that we bought at the entrance for $1) right out of your hand.

One day, we hired a local guide called Nengah Polos to drive us around and show us some sights. He took us to an art village just outside of Ubud where we bought 3 paintings. Then we went to a very spectacular temple called Gunung Kawi set amidst rice terraces, and we also saw a huge volcano that is still active.

Bali must be one of the cheapest destination for Americans - everything was incredibly affordable and we will definitely go back there soon!


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